Census of Pinguins

Polar and Bird Ecology Group

The Polar and Bird Ecology Group at the Professorship Ecology deals with current questions of population and behavioral ecology of selected bird species in Germany and Antarctica
Census of Pinguins
Image: Vaclav Pavel

Our Polar and Bird Ecology working group is focused on current topics of population and behavioral ecology of selected bird species. For that, experimental field studies as well as molecular methods (genetic proof of paternity, DNA-sexing, AFLP) are applied. Our field of activity in Germany concentrates on studies on protected birds as a basis for concerted species protection measures (particularly for Jackdaws, Red Kite, Pygmy Owl and Eagle Owl). The main targets of our research in the Antarctic are studies of migration, life history, feeding strategies and population ecology of polar sea birds (skuas, penguins, Southern Giant Petrel, Cape Petrel). Besides, the development of management plans based on risk assessments as well as the monitoring of seabird and seals contribute substantially to the conservation of an area in the Antarctic that is heavily marked by anthropogenic impacts.

For our research we collaborate with lots of other institutes

Polar and Bird Ecology Group
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Hans-Ulrich Peter
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