Field trip France 2015


at the professorship of Ecology
Field trip France 2015
Image: Christine Römermann

The staff at the Professorship Ecology is engaged in many courses at the Faculty of Biological Sciences. The main engagements are with the Bachelor Biology and the Master program Evolution, Ecology and Systematics (MEES). Details of the courses and currently offered topics for bachelor and master's theses can be found on the Institute of Ecology and Evolution pages.

The general didactical approach of teaching basically builds up on a thorough theoretical and conceptual understanding of complex ecological relationships. For this, all forms of models (mathematical equations, graphical models, computer simulations) are extensively exploited. Based on these fundamentals, specific questions are approached, which often are related to applied problems in nature conservation and management. This part of the student's training has a high share of practical work and a strong focus on experimental field studies.